Founded in 1988, Beligal Software brings together the best
and the brightest in genealogy software development technology.
Our management team includes innovators in the fields of
modern computer languages  and database development tools.

Beligal Software is the creator of the 1st Jewish Genealogy Program:
HaMishpachah (1989)

We created other Jewish Genealogy programs:
HaMishpachah Sheli and PD.

We produce leading software for jewish family history.
14 years of development and experience with genealogy software.
Leading tools for building a Jewish family tree.

We encourage and appreciate customer feedback.

The Beligal Software  Headquarters
 is located at:
P.O.Box 581 Tzoran
Israel, 42823

 You can contact us by phone at
You can contact us by Fax at:
or click the image below to send us e-mail.

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